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I hate baking

I really do hate baking. I'm a cook. I toss things into pots and watch what happens. I splash in oil, fling in spices, grind in too much pepper, and things like that. It's fun, it makes good food, and it's another way of being creative.

Baking is flour and leavening and measuring, over and over again. I do like yeast bread making - that's kneading, and digging in your hands and it's alive. This is quick bread, with baking powder and baking soda. It's *not* alive.

My kitchen is covered flour, and Passover is about a month away, because Purim is two days away, which is why I'm baking. I want to include something homemade and relatively healthy with my gifts of food, so I'm making quick breads. Got two in the oven now.

I hope they come out all right. I think I put in too little sugar.

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