Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

I am bored. Again.

I'm caught up with work. I'm not sure if I should write anything. I probably will.

But meanwhile. There is

Lily by Writer Gurl NZ
Read this fanfiction - IT IS THE BEST STORY EVER. If you read this all your wishes will come true. You will not find a better fanfiction anywhere. THIS IS THE BEST STORY EVER. Trust me.

Nope. Not. Trust *me*.

and. Oh, the *pain*.

You must be too good to love me by Dragon-girl01
A short poem written after Harry and Draco have a break-up, from Draco's pov. Sad and pretty unique so there you

This one has bad French, too. And a glossary.

The After Effects of a Fire Dragon Spritzer by Scary'lil'Angie reviews
Draco changes(in more ways than one), but when he's running away from the very people he betrayed and want him dead, there's only one place he can turn...Hogwarts right under Voldemorts nose, unraveling the mystery he and Harry are intertwined with...HPDM

This next has such a winner of a line that I'm just going to quote it.

"At the left of me and at one head of the table is a pudgy faced girl with disgustingly belched blonde hair, pale white skin, rosy cheeks, and big blue eyes. She seemed annoyingly stupid."

As I said.

I'm bored.
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