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My birthday

I got many, many birthday greetings yesterday, and I want to thank all of you for the good wishes that came my way.

Thank you!

Todah Rabbah!

It began at midnight - we stayed up that long so we could be there at the start. My husband wished me a happy birthday and teased me about my presents.

Before I went to work the next day, he gave me the first of them - the first book of the Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson. This was his "afterthought" present. The problem is - we've read reviews of the book by people we trust and they either love it or hate. Those who love it loved his Necronomicon and disliked Snow Crash and The Diamond Age. And those who hated it...well, hated the first and loved the others.

I love the second two books...

All is not lost. Jonathan hated Snow Crash, so maybe he'll like this one, and I'm more than willing to give it a shot myself.

I went to work. Day was interesting because I was so caught up - turns out I'd be busy anyway. I'd forgotten what it was like to simply answer phones. All day long. Luckily, I like that.

I mentioned to the coffee house counter girl that it was my birthday. I found out later, when I drank my coffee, that she'd added chocolate. Yum.

Bought my comics and an umbrella against the pouring rain. Umbrella never opened after I closed it the first time. This is why I call them "disposables".

Met my husband at Shalom Hunan, a very nice Chinese restaurant not so far from us that happens to be strictly kosher. We had hot and sour soup and Peking duck, which was, as usual, amazing. I haven't had it in *years*, either. Oh, and we shared a cup of wine. Big drinkers, us.

There he gave me my other presents - a non-stick saute pan (my current one is starting to lose coating, so good), a symposium on American culture and food - YAY! (this was the real present), and a lovely card made from handmade Japanese paper with petals and twigs and bark inside. Just beautiful.

And then we went home and watched the series that used to West Wing.
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