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Pakua Diary 11/6/03

I was the first one to arrive, but by the time I got dressed, everyone else who was going to be there was there. This time, we had Carmela (white), Penina (yellow), Rikki (green) and Judith (green). It was the first time I'd gotten to see J in her green belt and she me in my orange.

Ins. Dominique did the 24 movements, Penina led punches and Judith did the kicks. Then we split up for one on one fighting, first using the right foot back fighting position, and then the left for the last switch. We all managed to get in some floor kicks, too, which I'm getting better at. I still need to do more with the basic floor kick, which is bending over, sitting back on the back foot and kicking with the front one.

I was called to the center for the self-defense technique, which what to do when someone grabs your throat with two hands. White belt is "reflex kick, go into rider's position, hook thumbs under *their* thumbs, pull their hands back over their shoulders and finish with a knee kick."

Yellow belt is "reflex kick, rider's position, hook thumbs, pull over, let go of one hand, and twist to their back." I think. I didn't get much time because someone walked in, and Ins. D had to check, so I was told to practice white belt technique with Carmela. Actually, we all did white belt until she came back.

Orange belt was the same until the hands are pushed back over the shoulders. Then use the back leg to sweep the attacker off her feet and into a back fall, and then finish, holding on to one hand. Much fun.

Green belt was pushing the attacker down using her thumbs, also into a back fall. Also fun.

Then it got confusing because the two green belts wanted to practice a different technique, so I was working in a triangle with the two lower belts, and before we got in much, Ins. D showed us a floor technique for one-step fighting. I would rather have gone on with the self-defense but. Hey. I needed the floor practice.

In this, the attackee grabs the attacker's fist, gets down to a floor kick and kicks, still holding the attacker's hand. It's apparently a green belt technique. And, I have to say - ambitious though I am, I don't like this belt jumping. I really don't like it for the white belt, who has yet to learn how to fall properly.

I do like the workout I get. I love that feeling that I've actually moved.

Orange belt was

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