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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

dsudis wrote a beautiful DS F/K called That Good Night.

She calls it a death story. She is wrong. But it *is* good.

Translation: Due South Fraser/Kowalski story


You know, the problem with using abreviations is that people don't always decode them the way they're encoded... :)

(Josh, whose first guess on that one was "Dominant-Submissive Faith/Kendra" :)

Sorry about that. I will remember.

Are you sure it's not a death story? I want to read it, but death stories scare me. Please just reassure me? Thanks.

It is a lovely story, and death is a feature of it, but it is *not* a death story. It's a hope story.

Read it.

oh that does *not* sound promising. I'm going to weep like a baby, aren't I? Maybe I should save this story for my Hormone Week.....

Probably, but trust me. It's worth reading. Very much worth reading.

Not that I wouldn't say that about death stories, considering my oeuvre...

One might even say it's an anti-death story.

Oh, and I love your icon.