Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

For mommybird's Plain and Simple challenge

The Sentinel Jim/Blair (NC-17)

Skill and Knoweledge

Jim looked up from his book when Blair crawled into bed next to him. "I thought you were going to be working all night long."

"I wrote what I wanted to write, and then I got bored. And you're up here." He reached for the paperback he kept by the side of the bed. "Man, I can't tell you how great it is to be able to just *read*."

"I know. You say that every night. Gotta tell you - I never figured you for the Star Trek novel type." Jim didn't even try to keep the chuckle out of his voice.

"Mind candy." Blair shot him a grin, and then turned away to read his book. Jim went back to his own, but couldn't get back into the essays that had so absorbed him minutes before. Blair's back distracted him. It was broad, and covered by an old t-shirt with odd random holes that exposed bits of furry skin. It was just asking to be petted.

And for the past six months, to Jim's delight and amazement, he could pet it. And more. So. He did, using his fingertips to gently tickle through the t-shirt and the occasional hole, waiting for Blair to notice.

"Mmmm. That feels nice…oh, yeah." Blair stretched like a cat against Jim's hand. "Oh, man. Oh, man." He dropped his book over the side and rolled over. "You want some attention, do you?" Jim just smiled and pulled Blair closer, letting his hands explore not just his back, but lower down, over his worn sweatpants. "Nice, James. Sooo nice." He snuggled in and nuzzled Jim's neck.

Blair smelled of Blair and old cotton and this morning's soap and endless coffee, but mostly of Blair. He tasted like himself too. Jim smiled inside at those thoughts. Except that this scent and taste and all the other sensations meant home and safety and more delight than he could imagine before. He sought out Blair's mouth, kissing his way down from the top of Blair's head until he reached his lips, which parted for him.

And then took charge, the way Jim wanted it, and preferred it. Probably a good thing, given Blair, and he smiled to himself again as Blair sipped at his lips as if they were fine Scotch and ran his fingers over Jim's bare chest and back while Jim's found their way under Blair's t-shirt. They paused for a moment while Jim pulled the shirt off, and pulled him back again, reveling in the feel of all those crisp curls and smooth muscles as they brushed against his skin.

Blair gave him one more gentle kiss before devouring Jim's mouth and reached down into Jim's boxers, grasping him, stroking him, manipulating with all the skill and knowledge his hands - his large hands - possessed. Jim's hands had their own knowledge and he'd become familiar with Blair's cock in these past six months, so he untied the sweatpants and there it was. In the size promised by those hands - huge and hot and hard and the very scent making Jim even harder.

Six months ago, he'd hid his need for other men from himself, and that, too, amazed him as he and Blair found their rhythms together before stripping off their remaining clothing - even to Blair's socks and grinding together.

"Okay, I think…I think we'd better…before it's over…" Blair's hoarse voice reached down into Jim's groin, and he hated to let go, but Blair knew what he was doing. Blair always did.

Jim had spent the last few years of his life clinging to that knowledge.

He turned over onto his side while Blair rummaged through the night table drawer for supplies. He heard the rip of the condom package and then the pop of the lubricant jar - and then Blair was kissing his back as he was prepared, as he writhed at the touch of Blair's fingers inside of him and fought to keep control. He'd come at this point before, which disappointed both of them.

Finally, Blair positioned himself behind Jim, and took him all at once, plunging in the way Jim liked it, wanted it. Needed it. Working his lube coated hands over Jim's shaft. And then Jim didn't think anymore. He lost himself in the sensations pounding through him, letting himself lose all semblance of control, putting himself entirely in Blair's hands. Where he belonged.

And at that thought, he came, his orgasm ripping through him in spasm after spasm. Dimly, he was aware of Blair also jerking and relaxing against him, raining kisses on the back of his neck and wrapping his leg on top of his as they both softened, until Blair pulled out. It only took a moment to clean up the wet mess.

Blair reached for his discarded book and pulled the quilt over both of them. He snuggled back into Jim with a happy smile.

"Love you, Jim."

"Love you, too, Sandburg." Jim smiled back and found his own book.

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