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Mama Deb

Pakua Diary 11/13/03

Judith, who got me into the class in the first place, is taking a few weeks off.

I got there just slightly late, but in time to run. In the middle of running, she had us stop - once to do pushups, and once to do "full situps" with legs locked around partners. I didn't do well with those last.

We had a guest today, a friend of Rikki's. She wore her snood the entire time.

Rikki led the 24, and I noticed I'm not as flexible as I have been. Which means I should start doing them daily again.

I was called to the center to demonstrate one-on-one fighting and the right foot back fighting position. We did that four times, and then we did the day's self defense. This was one-step-fighting, except that instead of punching straight out, we did a hook shot.

White belt was block with both hands and then elbow to the face. Yellow was block with both hands, elbow to the face, headlock to bring the attacker down and a knee to groin or stomach. Orange was block with both hands, and then use the heel of the hand under the chin to bring the attacker into a back fall and then finish. Green was a shoulder flip into a side fall and finish. I was allowed to do orange with the yellow belt and yellow with the white belt.

And I got called *strong* today. And scary. And Penina, the yellow belt, said she thought I was holding back.

I wish I knew what that meant.

Also. It's confirmed. Starting in December, I'll be going twice a week. Yay!

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