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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Whew, but. Ouch.

My husband just called. There had been rumors of impending layoffs in his company all weekend, and he'd been worried.

He still has his job. No one in *his* division is gone.

60-70 other people, on the other hand, have been laid off.

Wonderful recovery, eh?

Thank G-D!

I was wondering if Jonathan would be cut. Count your blessings and give tzduka to someone less fortunate. However, I still do not know my fate here.

Re: Thank G-D!

Please keep us posted.

And yes, tzedaka is warranted here.

Re: Thank G-D!

I'm good for now.

Yep, they keep saying that Unemployment is down, butr they keep ignoring those of us who are falling off the other end of the Unemployment rolls, but still have not found work.

At 51, I am having to seriously look at going on Welfare, which is something I never in my life thought I would have to consider.

Between the jobs still going away (and how is that "recovery"?) and the ones that have no benefits and don't pay a living wage. Yeah. I'm confused on how this is good news. And heartily glad they still pay people to run around in big trucks with lights and sirens on them. I'm Very glad he still has his job.

Jobs with like that, yeah.

Like the one I have now. Part-time, no benefits. Which is fine *now*, because jjbaker has benefits, even if they shrink year by year. If the news yesterday had been bad, I'd be looking for fulltime work, too.

And my job skills being strictly "pink collar"...well, living wage? Hah!

Thats kind of how mine is. I could survive on the full time pay, and i'd get decent benifets and bigger raises and some good oppertunities to move to a higher paying position and support for getting a higher certification; but I have to stay part-time because of school, and now our *darling* govener thinks that because he can't budget to save his life, he should take money away from the state colleges, with a plan to make us the most expensive public state college(s) in the country. I'd like to know who he thinks is going to be able to afford it when he does that. Its all these people who can't budget running the country.

Just because the Shrub calls it a recovery doesn't make it one.

Being the Shrub and all...I don't believe much of what he says in any event.