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More Newsworthy Events - We're *Fine*

We're *fine*. Again. This time we were uncomfortably close to the attack, and we could hear sirens and watch ambulances and police vehicles on the roads to either side of our hotel, but we had no idea what had happened. At the time, we were in our hotel room playing cards and watching Gilligan's Island, in our jammies. We only found out when Jonathan's cousin Bruce called to tell us what had happened.

A friend of ours in Jerusalem called to find out if we were all right and to see if he could email friends and family since he knew we couldn't, and we couldn't call because it was still the Sabbath in the states. That is, we could make the phone call, but our friends and family couldn't receive it. Then he went on to the hospitals because he's a doctor and was needed.

I really couldn't tell anyone any earlier than this.

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