Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Pakua Diary 11/20/03

Dithered a bit about going because I have a sore throat. After consulting with Judith, decided to go. Got there a bit early.

We had a full class today, from Carmela the white belt to Instructor Jasmine in her grey.

Ins. Dominique had us each lead the 24, everyone taking two movements, starting from Jasmine and moving down. Carmela decided she wasn't ready for it, so everyone else went twice except for Jasmine and Judith, who went three times. The hard part was the floor exercises because we had to maintain proper order when we changed leaders. Which means we had to stand up and move and get back on the floor. I did the last two arm movements and the first two floor movements.

We then went on to one-on-one training, ending with doing only kicks. This was hard - I kept wanting to punch.

Self-defense technique was one-step-fighting. White belt was blocking down and then a punch to the face. Yellow was blocking down, grabbing, a punch to the face in one direction and an elbow back. Orange was blocking down, grabbing, and pressure point behind the ear to a back fall, using one's own hips for leverage, then finishing with a punch. Green was blocking down, grabbing and a flip from the waist to a side fall, then finishing. Grey was the same except it was a shoulder flip.

I did white belt with the white belt, and orange with everyone else. Because I can fall, green and grey flipped me. Again, was fun.

No class next week because of Thanksgiving.

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