Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Today I went Shopping

And not for groceries.

I went to the local mall. It used to be the only mall, but there's another on the other side of Brooklyn. But this is *the* mall - Kings Plaza mall. It was dying ten years ago, but it seems to be doing fine now. And it was easy to get to - just hopped on the 9 bus and there I was.

I have this black tie optional wedding in a week or so. I needed to get a dress for. The dress has to be fancy enough for the wedding, but not so fancy I can't wear it to evening bar mitzvah celebrations and synagogue dinners. And hopefully in a classic style I can wear for a couple of years. And it has to fit, of course, and be pretty, of course, and modest. And not be enormously expensive.

I haven't been looking much. In my neighborhood, the offerings seem to be variations on the dressy suit theme; in the catalogs, the clothes at the very least aren't modest.

I went to Macy's. Went to the "women's" department (meaning sizes over 14), and found their rather meagre selection of dressy dresses. I picked out *three*. Two were a lovely shade of purple, and one was blue. I ended up putting one back untried because, although it was *gorgeous* - a heavy silky jacket over a skirt with a tone on tone purple plaid - because the skirt was floor length.

That left two, variations on a theme. The theme being the sheath under the jacket. One was blue velour, with a velour jacket that closed with a frog. The sheath hung all wrong, the neckline was far too low, and the slit in back reached above my knees. And the jacket was ugly. So. No.

The other. This was the other purple one. The sheath hits me about calf-length, with a short slit in back. The neckline is not high enough *but* I'd only have to take in the shoulders a little *and* that would also solve the fit problem - it's a little tight around the middle, but wouldn't be if it were raised a tad. And it doesn't need to be raised so high that the hem would come too close to my knees. And the jacket is *lovely* - a sort of kimona style with sheer stripes and gilt pinstripes, with random floral patterns of purple and green, and the green goes with my good hat. And it doesn't look sheer on me.

There's a chain thing clipped to the front of the sheath like a fake belt, and while it's removable, the loops are still there, so it needs it. I'm not terribly happy, but it's far from bad. It's mine now.

I also bought Fake #4. Fake is a yaoi manga, and while they don't do anything but kiss, the kisses are very pretty. And boys that look like boys. Extremely *pretty* boys, but boys.

And I got hair things - a comb, a plastic thing that makes buns and two packages of hair grips. These are long plastic hair pins. They're supposed to be used to make french knots, but I use them one at a time to secure a bun. They're comfortable and work well under hats and snoods. However, I only had the two and I was terrified of losing them. I finally found more, so I got two packages of two, now sitting in my snood drawer.

And a new watch. My old one, a Timex I've had for several years and bracelet changes, finally died. So I now own a new Timex, with big numbers, a second hand and the date.

And I bought fresh salmon for dinner.

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