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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Seems I'm returning the dress.

It's beautiful and my husband loved it on the hanger, but on me...he asked me to sit, and I couldn't, and even without alteration, the skirt rode up too high - above my knees. (Knees should be covered while sitting, standing and climbing stairs.) I'll either try for a larger size and live with the too large jacket or look elsewhere. :(

Ah, well. I should have known it was too easy...



how come the floor-length one you mentioned yesterday was a no-go? if a floor-length skirt is no good, can it be taken up a few inches?


You sounded so happy, too!

I went to a Catholic school, similar rules applied for maidenly modesty, even on civvies days. Some girls had extensions that sort of buttoned discreetly along the bottom, which they could remove later...


I wish you happy hunting.