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I Am Home

To be precise, I arrived in Newark International Airport, after an 11.5 hour flight, at about 3:45 PM yesterday afternoon. It took ninety more minutes to go through immigration, get the luggage (that took the longest - Jonathan had plenty of time to join a minyan for afternoon service right in the baggage claim area, and still wait around *forever* for our bags) and get through customs, not that was all that horrendous. We brought back far less than the legal minimum of stuff, so we had nothing to declare. "Books and hats and a pair of candlesticks. No, not silver. Aluminum." :)

Then there was the taxi line and the cab home and collapsing and going out to dinner and falling asleep watching television. And waking up at 4:30.

The trip itself was wonderful and good and spiritual and material and full of people I want to see again and again. As in, one day we're going to fly out there and stay. Please.

When I get my thoughts together, b"n, I'll post a trip report.

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