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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Good news and bad news

Good news was that returning the dress that didn't fit was relatively painless, once we acertained that it was not available in a larger size and that no other dress would work. The long-skirted one? Puddles around my feet. We'd have to get a foot chopped off for it to workable on me.

We then left Macy's and went to a large sized women's boutique - Ashley Stewart Woman. There we found, for less money, a skirt and top (separates) made of plum silk. 100% silk. The skirt is comfortable, flattering and a good length. The top is a complex wrap thing fastened by hooks and eyes. It leave far too much chest exposed, but that's easily handled. They're graceful and appropriate. I'll probably wear my dogwood brooch and no other jewelery. And my green hat, which is lovely with plum.

To manage the top, I went to Sears and purchased a silky t-shirt, the kind mean to go under suit jackets. I got it in a dark mocha that works well with the plum and my skin. It's obvious I'm wearing something, but it doesn't contrast too much and it won't interfere with any other color choices. I also got a cute little microfiber evening bag, big enough to hold my wallet.


And here comes the bad news.

I lost my wallet sometime between purchasing the shirt and bag and getting on the bus. Two calls to the store have produced nothing. I'll go back there tomorrow.

And then spend tomorrow night on the phone. *sigh*


Glad you found a dress, but sorry about the wallet. I lost mine last May when I was in Boulder. Losing the money was bad enough, but having to replace all the identification really sucks. Hopefully yours will show up.

I am so sorry to hear about your wallet. Happened to me too once, and I didn't discover it until I was on the checkout at the supermarket and had all my groceries rung up and went into my purse and... my wallet was gone! Oh boy was the cashier NOT happy to have to void all my purchases! Not to mention the people behind me on line. *groan*

The dress sounds lovely tho. You're brave to pair plum and green like that! Braver than I would be.

Plum and mocha and green sounds an unusual but attractive combination.

I hope the wallet turns up.

I lost my purse in Cancun last October (with my passport in it) and after frantically re-tracing all my steps, I went back to the hotel and discovered a fellow-guest had found it in the driveway and left a note on my door.

So here's wishing you similar serendipity with your wallet.

The outfit sounds really nice, and I hope you have luck with finding
your wallet, replacing all the identification is a pain.

Ouch. I hope the wallet turns up, and before you do the replace-the-cards dance.

Sounds like a nice outfit!