Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


My husband could *not* understand why I was bouncing and squeeing and YES!ing all through this lovely, lovely ep.

They have to be aiming for *us*. They *have* to be.

Diana - intimidating as hell and crying. While crying. And understanding Bats. Mostly.

Hawkgirl - She ruled Lobo, didn't she? Fear the mace, Main Man.

Lobo. LOBO! My goodness. Wanting so much to be a hero, but failing so badly.

GL and Flash. Oh, yeah. They're together. And Flash - he knows what Superman was and what he could be. He understands.

Martian Manhunter, trying to hold it together.

And. Oh, my goodness. BATS. Batman, talking to Clark, *believing* he was alive - a man who believes in nothing. And *caressing* that piece of cape. He'd obssess because that's what Bats does, but the cape? That's love. Poor, broken Batman, who can't think of way to show it.

And then Lex and Lois. There is such a connection between Lex and Supes, and Lex knows it. And so does Lois. There was jealousy talking there.

And then Vandal Savage. And you know that Clark didn't keep sleeping on that couch. And that ending - and the sheer joy on his face.

And Barbarian Clark - primal and focused on getting where he was going and on survival, powers or no powers. And so sexy in those furs, and in that tattering uniform and. Oh. Oh.

And maybe Clark and Batman celebrated his homecoming properly.

After he went home to his parents, and told them he was all right.

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