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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Poll of sorts

I'm thinking about starting a senslash community here - for chat and gossip and fic snippets (of whatever fandom) - sort of what we do on IRC anyway.

Any comments?


Ooh, ooh, do it!! ^_^ I want a senslash community! Please?

I am in favor of this idea...*g*

The 'sen' in senslash...

What does it mean?

Re: The 'sen' in senslash...

It's the name of the chat room on squidge where we tend to hang out. Sen stands for The Sentinel, the original fandom topic of the chat room. Nowadays we talk about...well, we always did, actually...whatever the heck we feel like. We just happen to all be Sentinel fans. :)

As I said last night, Mama, I'm highly in favour of it, if only to be able to read everybody's journals on the member/friend page without having to add EVERYBODY to my own friend's page and overwhelming it.

Me! Me!

*bounces up and down*



Okay. It's done. It was easy.
Go here to join.