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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
I am an utter idiot

Or, rather, habit is a very strong force indeed.

I always wear a pair of bike shorts under my skirts to save my thighs in the summer and my tights in the winter. It's just part of getting dressed.

But. This morning was very, very cold, so I added a pair of black stretch pants to the outfit. However.

As I just realized.

I forgot to subtract the bike shorts. Which means I have an entirely useless layer, including a fifth elastic waistband (this includes the skirt)- the pants provide the same benefits plus warmth. It's not annoying at all - note that I got dressed at about 8:30 and it is now 12:30, and I hadn't noticed even in situations where I should have noticed, and would be a major pain to take off, so I'm not going to do anything. It's just very, very silly.


on a totally irrelevant topic, I no longer need to wear anything other than undies under skirts. My thighs don't rub so much anymore.


I haven't had that since...before I can remember,actually.

Also. No pakua last Thursday. I can *feel* my thighs losing tone. I hope we can get the Sunday classes going.

(This may be another source of my distress on Monday. I *miss* it.)

Isn't it weird how you feel it when you don't have a class? I was sick last Tuesday and missed dance class, and then Saturday's class was cancelled, and then Monday Nat was sick so we didn't go to yoga.

By last night I was seriously in need of class. I could *feel* it.