Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Pakua Diary 12/4/03

Got there fifteen minutes late. Missed the 24 movements and some of the one on one sparring because we had to change and do *some* warming up.

After the one on one, and a bout of two on two (any combination of two punches or kicks before other person responds similarly), we did something I haven't done in what feels like months, and certainly not since I got my orange belt - free self-defense. This is where the attacker grabs something with one or both hands - the other's wrist or arm or shoulder or neck or head or lapels or belt - and the victim responds appropriate to the lower belt level. White belt kicks, blocks and punches; yellow kicks, grabs and punches.

I had no idea what orange does and, honestly, I'd been wondering if I should say something. The problem here is that this was a twice a week class, and I only go to one, and so things happen on Tuesdays that don't happen on Thursdays, and she forgets they haven't happened on Thursdays.

So, after training with Ins. Dominique, I find out what Orange does. Orange kicks, grabs, finds pressure points and renders her opponent helpless - bending her over, forcing her to the ground, making her tap out.

The problem is that evaluations are on Sunday. If she hadn't happened to have done this, I would have been lost during evaluations, which do a lot with these techniques. I manage to do okay once I figure out what to do, but it's very frustrating.

I need the second hour of training, and I've been trying to find a time to do it, and it hasn't been working. It seems like every week, I bring it up, and every week it comes to nothing.

I'm getting a private class tomorrow at 9AM. I hope that helps.

Even so, I honestly don't expect more than stripes. I don't think I know enough for green belt yet.

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