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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Happy Birthday, Spiderine!

Harry Potter. Remus/Sirius G


"Hogwarts School!" Harry followed Neville through the fire in a puff of Floo powder.

"Finally." Sirius dropped into an armchair, sighing with relief. "Alone, at last!"

Remus perched on the arm of the chair and squeezed Sirius' shoulder. "I can remember a time when you hated to be alone."

That earned him a smile. Sirius took his hand and pressed a kiss on to it. "That's because you weren't here either. Even then, I didn't mind being alone with you, love." He leaned back in the chair, pulling Remus into his lap. Remus carefully rested his weight on the chair itself - as much as Sirius wanted to pretend otherwise, his ordeal beyond the veil left him frail.

Remus would never forget the day Sirius Apparated to Grimmauld Place, nearly splinching himself as he did. The Veil had sent him to someplace even Sirius couldn't name. It had taken him weeks to be able to Apparate at all, and longer before he had the strength to go any distance. He was all but a skeleton, and Remus didn't know whether to rejoice in his return or worry over his health.

So, he summoned Dumbledore and cradled Sirius in his arms as he waited, wishing he could lend his lover strength of more than will.

Dumbledore soon set things to rights. He brought a house-elf in an odd assortment of hats and socks from the Hogwarts kitchens to help out, and before long, Sirius was tucked up in his own bed with a strengthening potion, while the elf, Dobby, prepared soup and fussed over both of them. Neither seemed to blink when Remus curled up next to Sirius and slept for the first time in far too long.

Sirius never fully recovered from his time *there* and he never would speak of it, except in nightmares, and Remus never willing left his side again. And then the war ended on a glorious June day when Muggle Britain sat watching lawn tennis, when two teenage boys took a trip through that same veil.

Neville appeared in the fireplace with an unconscious Harry draped over his shoulder, both of them covered in blood and burns, their wands smoking but still whole, and carefully collapsed so that Harry would be cushioned by his body. "Tell Headmaster that...it's over. He's dead. All of them...gone. Tell them...." And then Neville was out, too.

These days, only Neville made Harry smile, and only Harry could calm the terrors that came to Neville at night, but physically they were fine, and the last decade had been kind to them.

Remus looked around the comfortable room, with wrapping paper and ribbons scattered around, and baby toys peeking out behind tables before hiding again, and thought about that afternoon, and then he got up from Sirius' lap.

"We'll leave this until morning, shall we?"

Sirius smiled and pretended that Remus wasn't giving him a hand up. Together, they walked up the stairs to their bedroom, where the nightmares no longer came.


!!!WOOBIES!!! That is so sweeeeeeeeeeeet! I am sooooooooo haaaappppy! Thank you sooooooooo much!!!!

Uh, I just got back from my birthday dinner and am a leeeetle bit tipsy. I had no idea you'd write me something so quick! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I <3 <3 <3 you much and lots!

I think I'd better take a nap now...

I only hope you like it as much when you're not so tipsy. :)

And I'm glad you had a happy birthday. HUGS

Of course I still love it! It's gorgeous, it's sweet! It's... Neville/Harry? Which is amusing as all heck, but quite credible. I still <3 <3 <3 you! Thank you!

Oh, Harry/Neville is the coming thing. I've already written a couple of drabbles and a short-short on that.

And when I finish the Draco/Harry kinkfic...it's next.

Harry/Neville is the coming thing.

LOL! You edgy-stylish thing, you! Thank you for making the fic you wrote for me comme il faut.

Ooh, now that's the way it should be! Wonderful!!!

Well, it *could* happen that way. I mean, it probably wouldn't, but it *could*...

I'm glad you liked it.