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Mama Deb

Pakua Diary 12/5/03

I had a private lesson today, to help with the evaluations on Sunday. And I needed it.

It was at 9AM, and they may start a class at 9AM Friday permanently. This time of year, I couldn't go any later in the day.

I ran around the dojo and then we did the 24 and then Ins. Dominique caught me up. She taught me a couple of one-step fighting moves. One was step out, block and grab the fist at the pressure point and then bring them down by knife hand to the elbow. Then there was block up to the fist and then go low and hit the pressure point above the knee to send them to the ground. Another was grab the fist and, in one movement, use the pressure point below the ear to bring them to the ground.

Then we did self-defense moves. Cross-hand - she grabs my opposite hand. I kick, twist until I get the hand at the hand pressure point and elbow to the neck or finger to the pressure point to bring her down. Hand to my belt - kick, grab the hand with both hands at pressure point. Swing in one direction. Swing in the other and bring her to a front fall. Two hands at belt, kick grab hands at pressure points, swing the arms apart, let go of one wrist, grab the shoulder and sweep her leg out until she falls. There was also one where I used the pressure points of the shoulders, and one where she grabbed me from behind. There, it's step on the foot, wham with the head, break the grip by forcing her hands apart, grabbing her opposite wrist, turning around with an eblow to the face, and then using either elbow or finger to pressure point, bring her to the ground.

We also reviewed the Shadow movements.

And. I feel *wonderful*. I got the workout I didn't get yesterday. My husband said I was going to be sore. I hope he's right.

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