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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
New coat!

Made of the finest Teddybear fur, too. :)

My synagogue was selling remaindered faux fur coats and jackets as a fund raiser. Actually, they were selling them last week, but we were at the wedding, and they had some coats left over, so they had a second sale today. And the prices were really good - $100 for jackets, $150 for coats, which is a major savings.

All the extra-large full-length coats were gone, and I was going to settle for a longish jacket but they asked me to try on this size large full-length and it fit. And it was gorgeous - thick, *dense* blue-black, warm faux mink, of the perfect length with pockets in just the right place for my hands and a nice, heavy lining. I still waffled because the jacket was a bit bigger, but it was just so beautiful, and my husband's eyes said I looked beautiful in it.

They are, of course, the best mirrors I could ever have. All the other mirrors being liars. :)

It is now mine. I mean, it's a good price; it's a lovely coat *and* it's for a good cause.

And, since I now have a second coat, I took my old winter coat to a cleaners and arranged for them to replace the lining and the pockets (and to clean it, of course.) I'll get it back on Thursday. So I now have an everyday coat and a Shabbos coat, and both will be around for a few years to come.



I am in the line for a new winter coat thsi year, but I haven't decided what to get.

Fake fur is one I ahdn't thought about. Hmm.

If we hadn't gotten this, I might have gone for a down coat. Light, warm, waterproof...

Well, maybe next year. Can't have too many warm coats.


Not cool. Warm.

Eyes as mirrors

I caught that Bujold reference. Enjoy the coat.