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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Green Belt!

I had evaluations tonight, and even though I don't really deserve it (seriously. There are orange belt things I need to learn, and they know it, too), I got my green belt. I'll take a couple of private lessons to firm things up, I think.

I'll probably be more excited when I get the physical belt. Meanwhile, I'll start tying my hair back with a green scrunchie. (If I'd gotten the stripes I'd expected, I'd have used two - one green, one orange.).

And now my husband can't joke about me wearing Princeton colors.

And. I get to *flip* people! Yay!



Thank you!

Wow, that's fast progress.


Yeah. It seems like that to me, too.

But things will slow down big time after I make gray belt, I think. That's when you have to take "improvement" classes and "instruction" classes. I will if I can, of course, but they are mixed classes with male instructors.

I'm going to have to ask my rabbi, but I'm sure he'll give me permission.

And now my husband can't joke about me wearing Princeton colors.



Eventually, I'll get a red belt (Gd willing), and then I'll be in Rutgers colors. So, there!

Mazal tov!

Wow, that's great! I didn't know progress would be so fast.

Flipping people should be neat. :-)

Part of it is that the last evaluations were back in September, when I was awarded three orange stripes on my yellow belt. Stripes mean that you're almost, but not quite, ready to advance. *One* stripe is guaranteed just for showing up at evals (at least below grey belt), more means that you've made significant progress to the next belt. It's also possible to get awarded a new belt *plus* a stripe towards the next.

I really feel that I deserved stripes this time.

Anyway, once you get stripes, you can get the next belt at any point that your master decides you're ready for it. In my case, that was at the end of October, which was a month and a half ago. Which is fast.

And why I'm feeling weird, and not very excited yet.

Congradulations!!!! Wonderful News!!!

Thank you!!!

Congrats! :D

Thank you so much!