Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Happy birthday, cmshaw!

As requested:

Due South (Ray/Ray NC-17)


Vecchio hooked his long legs over Ray's shoulders. They felt good there - strong and elegant, like the man himself. He was panting, too, and riding Ray's fingers as they probed and stretched and made him ready. He let loose a steady stream of curses all the while, which only got Ray the hotter.

Fraser never cursed, not once. Would probably make him wilt if he did, but Vecchio had a mouth just for cursing. And kissing, and other things, and he did those things very well. "Come on, you Polack. Now, dammit!"

Vecchio wanted now, he'd get now. He got himself into proper position, grabbed Vecchio's hips and pushed his way in - just one push. And yeah, Vecchio was hot and tight and oh, God! Ray grabbed for his hands, just for balance - and they were good hands, too. Not like Fraser's, but good hands. And now he threw his head back and he was moving with Ray, picking up the rhythm just like a good partner should. Ray let loose his own stream of curses, and they harmonized with Vecchios like some dirty opera or something, except Ray was also dancing in his own way, and Vecchio could barely do a basic waltz.

Least, that was what Stella told him, which was why Vecchio had rung his and Fraser's hotel room door that night, so that he could learn to dance.

And Fraser had taken on look at Vecchio and one look at Ray, and who knows, maybe Mr. Supernose smelled something, because he gave Ray a kiss on the cheek and told him he'd be visiting Franny and the babies that night and he wouldn't be back until morning, which was like he gave Ray *permission* to do this. And maybe, since Stella did the sending, she was giving permission, too.

Because there was this *thing* between them.

Because as soon as Fraser took Dief out of the room, they were on each other like - like Vecchio was Fraser or Ray was Stella, or something. And Vecchio's mouth knew just what it was doing, and his own hands - Vecchio felt good in his hands.

Five minutes later, there was Armani all over his hotel room floor, and he had to be careful not to tear any of it, because an ex-cop who lived with a Mountie in Canada didn't have too much money to waste on replacing designer clothing.

He looked good naked, though. All muscles and maybe just enough fat to soften it all because, hell, Vecchio wasn't on the streets anymore. Better than Ray looked, who was all strings and sticks.

But Vecchio kept *looking* at him even when he was naked, and that's when the cursing started, but he also looked hungry. Like he wanted to chew on some tough meat or something. Because that's what Ray was and he knew it. Even if Fraser called him beautiful, because beautiful was what Fraser was and Stella was.

Vecchio was sex.

Pure and angry and hungry and he was licking and biting Ray, and Ray was letting him, letting him make marks that Fraser would see.

God, he hoped Fraser gave permission.

And then Vecchio just *slid* down his body like it was greased, and that's when he knew what else Vecchio's mouth was good for besides cursing and talking big. Cause one thing Ray knew was that he was not an average guy, and Vecchio took the whole thing in his mouth like it was nothing. Then again, Fraser was not an average guy either, so maybe he was practiced.

And just knowing his cock was where Fraser's cock had been got him so hard he could have come right then but that's not what he wanted, and when he pulled out and pointed to the bed, Vecchio must have wanted the same thing because that's where they ended up and now they were doing *this* and it felt good.

Because tomorrow, Vecchio was marrying his wife, and the next day, Ray and Fraser were going back to Canada for good and be almost like they were married, too, and Fraser'd been Vecchio's boyfriend. So it was like they traded.

So it was right they did this. Because they had this *thing* and this would maybe do something about the *thing*.

And he grabbed hold of Vecchio's cock, which was looking like it needed a hand, and he pulled on it, and Vecchio cursed more.

And that's when he came like a very small volcano all over Ray, and Ray came in his ass, and they weren't young any more, so as soon as Ray could pull out, and that took a while, he fell on the bed next to Vecchio, who kinda lied there for awhile.

And things were quiet for a long time, and Ray thought maybe Vecchio had gone to sleep, except he didn't hear any snoring. So he touched Vecchio's shoulder to see what was what.

And Vecchio was looking at him with those eyes, and he was smiling, but he wasn't smiling. "You hurt him, you're dead. You know that, right?"

"Same back at you for her." Ray tried to look as threatening as a naked man covered with stuff could, which wasn't very much. Not like Vecchio, who managed it just fine.

"And we never do this again."

Ray looked at the long handsome body next to his. "Nope. But I'm glad we did it tonight." And he leaned over and kissed Vecchio on the lips, the same way Stella would the next day.
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