April 11th, 2002

Mama Deb

My preferred mode of cooking

is soups. I love throwing together a big pot of meat and vegetables and beans and maybe barley or pasta, especially when I can add something to it the next day, or it changes by itself - an example would be my personal favorite, which is turkey-sweet potato-bean. The next day, the sweet potatoes collapse and you get a sweet, creamy orange soup around the chunks of beans, veggies and turkey. I like stews and pot roasts as well, and for the same reason.

I can't make them any more. Meat, including turkey and some fish, beans and certain vegetables contain the dreaded purine. This is what the nutritionist said. And meat soups are among the biggest problems. This means that turkey bean soup and old fashioned chicken soup and my husband's favorite, meatball soup, are all gone. I love them, but there's no point in making them just for me.

He can eat dairy, so long as he watches the fat intake. He can eat eggs, so long as he doesn't overdo the yolks. His cholesterol is good, so that's not a major problem. He can eat white fishes like flounder and sole, but not trout or other rich fishes. He can eat all fruits. He can eat most, although not all, vegetables. Asparagus is a major exception.

He can eat some foods, like chicken, asparagus and the rich fishes, four times a week. That's four times for the group, not for the individuals. He can eat other foods, like beef and turkey, once a week. And he can't eat liver or other organ meats *at all*. He can eat processed flour, but has to limit whole grains to twice a week.

I can work with this. I have enough information that I can plan meals. It's obvious I have to focus on non-meat meals, so I have to use my vegetarian cookbooks. This is fine. This is doable. We still have a question about tofu, but all in all, it seems we can manage.

And I make some very yummy soups that have neither meat nor beans.