May 9th, 2002

Mama Deb


First one is me, for being on a concom. I should know better. It's not my first time doing this. It's my fifth, not counting times as official assistants and such. And this time, the man who should be running things opted out and let someone else do the job. And that someone else is...someone who believes he knows better and doesn't.

But I'm proud of running the con suites I run. People enjoy them. People like knowing it's kosher, which means it's veggie safe, and, since I know what's in everything, even accessible for vegans. People don't get meals, but they do get good stuff and a place to chat. And so, I had to say yes. That's me the idiot. Because I should have known B would have messed things up.

B did the initial negotiations with the hotel. As is my custom for all of these, I did the specific ones for the con suite. I know what I need in terms of hot water service and furniture and I prefer to deal with all myself. An in the past, it's always been a piece of cake. They usually will provide an urn of hot water if reassured that we will take care of filling it and so on, and they don't ask about anything else. Nor do we tell them. Although you would expect he term "hospitality suite" would mean something.

In one hotel, the staff was wonderful, supplying us with crates of ice among other things.

So, after reviewing the equipment and furniture and so one available in the room we were using and getting information on the kosher caterers, I asked the person, as usual, as I've done three previous times, about hot water, and she jumped right to refreshments. And said "no." We discussed having things catered, and I'm going to see what I can actually do about smuggling in snacks and such.

Soda will be impossible. And if B had said he had not mentioned the hospitality part of this...I'm sure I have some of the blame. I am an idiot...but I did nothing I haven't done in the past. Most hotels of this nature are thrilled to have so many room nights filled and right now, with the economy the way it is, they should be even happier. And we would not take any business away from the hotel itself, as the only food service they actually do, other than catered parties, is complementary continental breakfast. Those times we'd been in hotels with breakfast buffets, we have kept the con suite closed until afterwards.

I don't know what's going to happen. It's all crashing down around me.

And. On my way to the car rental place, my office called. M, who is the Thurs-Fri receptionist (she's an agent in the real estate agency the rest of the time), called. She can't find the mouse cursor. I have no idea how it could have disappeared. I rebooted a half dozen times yesterday for various reasons and never lost it.

We'll see what happens on Monday.
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