June 13th, 2002

Mama Deb

Schedule for Today

Shower. Dress.
Gather laundry together.
Take Laundry to Laundromat
Buy breakfast. Also lunch to take with.
Go to New Jersey and spend day with mom in hospital.
(Take cross stitch)
Go home.
Pick up laundry if in time.
No writing, no computer, no IRC.
Mama Deb

Mom Update II

Mom is much better. Her face is less swollen, she is more mobile and in less pain (although the Percoset might have something to do with that) and, best of all, she has a roommate she can talk to. All the time. About things like how very cute their doctors are.

It's adorable, actually.

She'll be home late tomorrow. And between Marc and her neighbor, and the fact that she actually can use the fingers on her left hand, she'll be fine. I hope. I wish I could help more.