June 30th, 2002

Mama Deb

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Political Compass

It's about right for me - I'm mostly lefty-middle and closer to libertarian than authoritarian in most of my viewpoints, although, of course, I have some very conservative and some extremely leftwing ideas, and I do believe some regulations/taxation is necessary.
Mama Deb


Daddy's little boy changed in the meteor fall,
When rocks from heaven crashed upon the town,
And now you're crying traitor when I won't come when you call,
When you want to force me from the home I've found.
But if you try to stop me, I'll make your long hair curl:
I am as you have made me - Daddy's boy will rule the world.

Failure! Failure! Failure! are the words I always hear;
Failure! Failure! Failure! you say to make me fear,
And if I listen to you, I will lose more than my hair.
Daddy's little boy will break your heart.
You'll find your meteor mutant's grown up smart.

Sabers crashing loudly as I fight to win your game -
Losing is my nightmare in this place.
Just trying, only trying, with my heart and mind aflame,
For Daddy's little boy can't win the race.
You will never love me, and my love now is hate -
And with it, Daddy's boy will conquer fate.

You say failure! failure! failure! when I lose to you again;
Failure! Failure! Failure! is the message that you send.
Though you try to break me, I will never fold to you.
Though I have to lose the war tonight,
Daddy's little boy will win the fight.

Smallville has taught more than you can ever know
Loyalty and friendship can't be bought
No matter how you summon me, I will never go,
for here is where I found the home I sought.
My best friend will stand by me as I stand up to you
And there's nothing you can say to me or do.

I'm no failure! failure! failure! in his loyal eyes;
Failure! Failure! Failure! is just one of your lies.
I made for you a profit, the chiefest of your gods.
You see, my daddy dearest, you're a fool.
Daddy's little boy has changed the rules..