July 25th, 2002

Mama Deb


I don't normally work on Thursdays. This is something I like - it gives me the day off I don't get on Fridays because of Shabbat and the ability to do stuff that I can't do on Saturdays. I can go shopping for me, or write or go out for a real lunch or read or waste the day. It's all up to me.

However, I'm working today, because the person who normally does my job on Thursdays and Fridays is at a week long "salesmanship" class, and the person who would normally fill-in - the weekend guy - couldn't. Since it's summer time, so Fridays are long, and I can use the extra cash, *and* I took a day off just two weeks ago, I said yes.

And my work rhythms are off. I try to get rid of any pending work on Wednesday just out of courtesy to the others and because I know I'll do it right. :) (Oh, one of the others would, too.)

So, all pending work is done. All I have is the ongoing stuff, which is easy. And I don't really want more. :)
Mama Deb

in other news:

I'm currently wearing a craft glove on my right hand. See, I've decided I really need to write steadily - get in the habit of writing an hour a day on something. And this is the fourth day, and I don't know if this will jinx it.

But I'm prone to carpal tunnel syndrome. Typing is not one of my normal stressors, but I don't normally type for an hour straight, either. When I finished this morning, my wrist hurt. It's not numb yet, which is good, but it didn't feel right.

Needlework *is* a stressor, so I do my cross stitch with a craft glove - a lycra glove that covers my palm and comes with a velcro wrist strap. The strap supports my wrist and makes a tremendous difference. With it on, I can cross stitch during a marathon filk session. Without it, an hour's work hurts.

I hope it works for this. Because I'm typing a lot right now. And because I've finsished one story *and* revised it, and I've written 1400 words of a new story, and I'm starting the day feeling productive.