October 13th, 2002

Mama Deb

Last Five

This is sad...I had to look back to find completed stories.

And I so need to put them on my website.

So. Stupid Now October 7. Clex. Written as a birthday present for a friend. Short, sweet, and a touch of sex. Instafic.

AfterKiss August 25. Jim/Blair Sequel to an earlier story.

Precious July 4. J/HAIR A sort of twisted joke born of a challenge. Instafic.

Coffee July 2 S/K (Muncle) A fic for cara Instafic.

The Kiss June 6. Birthday fic for majilique. Also instafic. Jim/Blair

None of these stories happened because of *me*. They're gifts for friends or a sequel or a repsonse to a challenge.

I do have a story I'm writing that's all mine, but it's very stalled.