November 21st, 2002



On the one hand, yeah, I should be pretty happy that there actually is a Chanukah special. Moreover, the Rugrats Chanukah special is very cute and well done, and a pleasure to watch, even for an adult without children.

On the other hand. Of the three times it's being broadcast, only one is actually during Chanukah. Chanukah ends on December 7. The second broadcast will be at 2PM, December 14. A *Saturday*. The third will be Dec. 16. I really don't understand why. The wouldn't show a Christmas special during the first week of January. They wouldn't show a Christmas special on December 26. Chanukah is *eight days long*. Surely, they could have found two other timeslots during that time, given that it *is* the only Chanukah special around.

I seem to be gearing up for my yearly snit early. *Sigh*.
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Mama Deb


I've changed my mail client. I had no choice - for some reason Netscape 7 will not send mail via my isp, and I'm tired of replying by cutting and pasting into web2mail. It costs $30 to speak to the helpline, and while I've repeatedly sent the Netscape people feedback, they haven't responded.

So. I'm using Outlook. The annoying thing is that I have to rebuild all my filters again, but I can do it more or less on the fly, so it's not so bad. And I use it at work, so I'm not unfamiliar with it. Basically, it's nothing I can't get used to quickly. It's not really all that different, after all.

Otherwise - today I spent being very organized. That means I went shopping, where I purchased not only everything I needed for Shabbat, but also stuff I just needed - a new flourescent ring for the kitchen, a new coffee carafe to replace the one we broke a few weeks ago, tights.

Especially tights. In the winter, I wear tights under my skirts. I like them. Because they're thicker than pantyhose, they last longer, often for years, and are still wearable even if they develope holes and runs so long as those holes and runs are in places that don't show. And they're opague, which I like for several reasons - modesty and, well. No leg shaving. In the summer, I wear "trouser socks", which are basically knee high tights.

And until a couple days ago, I couldn't find tights. I wore my old ones, which are quite holey - my big toe sticks out of one pair. See, I'm picky. They should be black, although I'll wear off-white, they should be queensized (for obvious reasons) and they can't be control top. And that's where the problem lies. I can get black, no problem. I can get queensized. But they automatically make queensized control top, and the way I'm shaped, control top is awful. They don't stay up.

I found a pair of L'eggs tights in ivory to tide me over, and I ordered some from Just My Size catalog, except they were back ordered. So I went to one of the most specialized stores around - it only sells legwear. And. They had lots of black tights because of the modesty thing, and lots of queensized ones because women come in all sizes around here, but. They only had two types without control tops. And one was out of stock.

I bought two pair of the other and will go back next week for the first. But it's a good thing I bought the ones I did. Because I skinned my knee today, and can't wear the ivory ones until I wash them. I'm just happy they didn't tear.

And I cooked the chicken with curry and it's in my fridge and I don't have to do anything tomorrow but catch up on tv shows and veg. Yay.