December 17th, 2002


No duh

In an article on msn about portion size (conclusion being that people will eat what you give them - amazing!) they discovered this:

In fact, the more they ate, the more satisfied they felt. No sign of nausea in this group. Researchers say people need to be educated on what an adequate portion size really is.

Um. Yeah.
Mama Deb

My gast is flabbered!

I'm looking at the Williams Sonoma catalog.

They're offering *designer* marshamllows. Handmade, handcut (which means they're *square*). They're probably delicious. They're also $19.50 for a box of *sixteen*.
Mama Deb


I have Photoshop. I've been playing with it - I added text to my dragonicons just now.

But. I have fifteen slots and only six icons. Clearly, I need more.

I need. Anger. And hugs. And something that is, well. Just me.

Not necessarily fannish.