January 2nd, 2003

Mama Deb

Book Recommendation

Elizabeth Moon's The Speed of Dark was an amazing read. Science fiction in its purest form, it asked questions about normality and risk and identity, and did so while *showing* what it is to be an alien in human society. She doesn't use those terms, and the "alien" is fully human, but that's what she did.

What if you had a difference that others perceived as a negative but you did not? What if that difference could be changed?

This is for cesperanza

How He Keeps His Hat On

"Come on, brother. You from *Africa*. You one of us." Kenny glared at Adebisi. "You gotta join us."

"I am from Africa, this be true. But not one of you." He took a snort of the heroin, and smiled. "I am none of you, Kenny."

He moved a finger over one of his ears. A point flickered and went away. Kenny blinked and snorted his own tits. "What are you, man? From outer space or something?"

"Something like that, son." He laughed, deep and long. Kenny stared, confused.

Said, watching them, sharpened the steel point on his shiv and waited.