January 24th, 2003

Mama Deb

Father-in-law update

Daddy is being released from the hospital today, along with an inhaler and a ten day supply of antibiotics. To quote his doctor, "the hospital is the worst place for him right now." He's going to be just fine. Yay!

We were trying to minimize the Shabbat violations should he be released tomorrow, but it all turned out even better for all sorts of reasons.
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(no subject)

So. Pakua session number three. I have a uniform now. The sleeves of the jacket are so long that I have to turn them up two-three inches. The pants were so long that I had to cut off several inches before I hemmed them last night. But they fit otherwise.

Jonathan called me a "girl" last night because I'd hemmed the pants relatively neatly and, just by eyeing them, kept both legs about the same length. My mother trained me well.

Pants. It's still a strange concept.

We missed the running again,which I should mind more. :) Otoh, we came in time for the stretching and that helped. One day I'll do the splits... We being my friend J and I, J being the person who got me there in the first place.

I'm still clumsy and unbalanced, but I'm keeping up more and more. And I giggle when I punch or kick at someone else. And saying "kiya!" makes me giggle more.

However, I bought an exercise mat today. So I'll do more practicing at home. Or maybe even crunches and pushups. These would all be good things.
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