January 25th, 2003

Mama Deb

Trading Spaces

Like a number of people here, I'm a Trading Spaces fan. So.

I recently watched and read the recap of this episode, wherein one of the designers covers the walls of a kitchen with wine labels, and nearly puts in a wine rack. This is bad because the homeowners are religious Protestant pastors who do *not* drink and do not approve of alcohol. The designer could not get it through her head that there are people in this world like that. It took intervention to prevent the wine rack, because their neighbors were just too passive about objecting.

So. I had to wonder. What would happen if, by some chance, they did a kosher kitchen on Trading Spaces. Many kosher kitchens have two ovens and two sinks, and maybe even two cooktops and two fridges, and the storage space to keep the meat and dairy stuff separate. My own only has one range and one sink, but I do have ample storage, which is good. Strict houses have dairy vs. meat counters as well.

But we'll assume a kitchen large enough to film in, which would have appropriate doubling.

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