February 23rd, 2003

Mama Deb

On writing

Or maybe on not-writing.

I used to just write. I'd open a word processor or start "telling a story" on IRC and there would be a story. Some of them have been not so great, and some of them number among my favorites.

And then I started *thinking* about them. About plot and characters and the style I don't have and where they're going and where they are and the writing got lost. (And, okay, I also started working and my life got busier, and now I'm doing everything I can on Thursdays and...) Still.

This week, I've been just... writing. Opening the word processor and letting whatever come out. And the stories I've produced aren't masterpieces, but they're readable and I had fun writing them.

And that's pretty good. It was nice to feel the words flow again.