June 8th, 2003

Mama Deb


A friend of mine is hurting right now. She's a fine writer with a reasonable following, and after going from fandom to fandom, she settled into one that made her happy. I mean really happy. And her stories were *good*. Not always my cup of tea, but *good*. Well written, good characterization, and with an obvious love of the source material.

And someone heard of one of her stories, one in progress, one with a twist that not everyone would like or believe, and chose to insult *her*, not the story, by saying that she only wants the twists. This is patently untrue if she'd read her other stories, but even if it were, one of the rules of crit is that you talk only about teh story, not the writer. The best crit lists say this, and it's a good rule. And this person violated it.
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Mama Deb

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To all the wonderful people who offered me their prayers and good wishes about my recent illness:

Thank you!

Given the symptoms and the fact that I have recovered, I suspect that, well.

You know that part of lasagna where you mix spices and a raw egg into the ricotta cheese? Taste the mixture *before* you add the egg. Really. :)

My eyes are also looking much better.
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