July 12th, 2003

Mama Deb

The Edge of Slash

Several years ago, I stopped watching, reading and writing XFiles fanfic. The series was becoming incoherent - okay, more incoherent, and as much as I love Scully and Skinner, and came to at least like Doggett, I watched for Mulder, and for the wonderful relationship dynamics between Mulder and Scully. With Mulder gone, I stopped watching. And therefore reading, and writing.

Anyway, I became absorbed in The Sentinel, and later Due South and now Stargate and Smallville and Harry Potter, with a few oddities along the way, and I didn't even think about XFiles anymore.

So why am I bringing it up now? Because I just d/l'd the latest version of Netscape, and the mail client has a junkmail remover, and so I had to look at my enormous backlog of unread posts in my inbox, mostly clogged with spam, and teach the program what was and wasn't junk.

And I noticed that I actually got messages on xslash-stories - to be precise, fic announcements from Three Way Stop, a website with two straight male writers and one female slasher, all of whom write XFiles, het, gen and slash. Mostly slash, and from all three.

I needed fic to feed my ever hungry craw, and Mik is a decent writer, so I squished a couple of finished works and read them last night, after dinner.

My goodness. I miss X Files slash. I didn't realize it, but I miss it. There's an edge of darkness and violence to the sexuality there that just doesn't exist in my other fandoms - TS is a romance, DS is sweet and quirky (no matter which Ray you like), Smallville's darkness is all potential right now, and Clark's innocence kinda takes over, while Harry Potter's darkness is all external, aside from his growing anger.

But XFiles, especially Mulder and Krycek - two men, damaged both internally and externally, who hate and love each other, who hurt each other, but who also seem to need each other.

I'm very much into Mulder/Skinner, but Mulder/Krycek is what Harry/Draco wants to be when it grows up, but never can be.

I'm going to go searching for more of this. And remember when slash had an edge.