September 5th, 2003

Mama Deb

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Back home on a lovely, lovely day.

So. Trip report.

This first portion is going to be a sort of religious tmi, so I'm going to Collapse )

We spent the rest of the trip doing relatively little. It rained most of the time, so that curtailed a lot outdoor stuff. Jonathan took several walks with his brother and his brother's dog Betty, and I read a lot - both my own stuff and books that they had around the house. I finished OotP for the third time. Mom is reading it now. It's interesting because she doesn't read fantasy normally,so this is an entirely new experience for her. And she gets confused, and she not used to reading nonmysteries for little tiny things, so she misses a lot. Basically, she's not one for subtext. :)

We spent Wednesday doing various little things - going to a local housewares store to get a microplane and a new casserole, and then to a wonderful used bookstore about 40 minutes down the road. We bought about a dozen books, including a bio of Elizabeth I and a facsimile of Catherine Beecher and Harriet Beecher Stowe's "An American Woman's Home". With Mitchell gone, she could also make meat for dinner - he's a vegetarian. I'm a bit more comfortable with her meat cooking - she's much stricter on that than she is on dairy.

And Thursday, armed with tuna sandwiches for the road, we drove home.

All in all, it was one of our better vacations. I managed to avoid fighting too much - not easy with her nagging me to be more...obsessed with my diabetes. It took a while to even convince her that, A. I've been diagnosed with Diabetes II. I'm not just insulin resistant or pre-diabetic. I'm the actual thing. B. I'm managing very well by avoiding sugar and white starches and exercising, and I don't need to use medication, constant blood tests or to weigh every single carb I eat. My doctor says an A1C of 6.7 is excellent and what he wants; her group of amateurs say you must be under 6. I'll stick with my doctor, thank you. It means I can think of other things besides what I can eat. Yes, I'm on cholesterol meds right now, but that's because he *approves* of my diet as it is. I'd have to cut necessary things out to reduce the cholesterol load. So, I'm on meds. Meds that only act on the food in my stomach, btw, nothing systemic.

I love my doctor. He understands. :)

So, unable to nag me anymore because I had right on my side, she, and my father-in-law, and her brother, chose to nag Jonathan instead. Jonathan does need to make some changes. He'd be the first to tell you that. He's aware of how much he weighs and his physical condition. He's *not* stupid or blind. But, nagging him is not the way to go. And I'm also guilty about that. For which I have apologized.

We got home at 7PM last night, and I cooked pasta and reheated some frozen leftover sauce. And that was the trip.