September 15th, 2003

Mama Deb


I really need a pakua icon.

::Makes big Mama eyes at friends who make icons::

Tonight, as I have not said earlier, we had a belt evaluation. Last time, everyone in the group moved up a belt. This time, only the least and the most - a seven year old girl (her mother was there, too) and a teen ager with a grey stripe - moved to the next belt. Hinda Tova got Yellow, Eliana got grey. The rest of us got stripes. I will soon be sewing three (I think - could be two, could be four, but I think three - I forgot) orange stripes to my yellow belt. This is because I only go once a week. I need to change that.

However, three is good. Three is great. Three means I'm almost there. She said all I need to do was get stronger with my falls and my rolls, and she's right. Orange belts fall a lot, and I need to fall better.

But I'd psyched myself up for orange. Silly silly me.

I wanted to start inflicting *pain*.
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darthfox made me this!

Thank you!

And. To make this more than a GIP -

I met a black belt today. In Pakua, we call all black belts "Master", regardless of sex. This one's name was Dominique. She usually works with kids, and they use a shorter form of her name. We could, too.

"You can call me Master Dom."

I could tell by the way she said it that she had *no idea* it could be anything more than, say, Master Deb.

I, of course, did not laugh. I very much did not laugh.