September 18th, 2003


Diary for pakua

We're supposed to do a diary thing about what we did in pakua. They keep promising to email me templates, but never do.

So. I'll do it here, guessing all the while. It's only once a week as yet.

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And now for the thrilling *things I did today* post. :)

I went to pakua.

I went shopping. First I went to a Judaica shop, with some vague ideas of what I wanted. I picked up a couple of CD's - Shlock Rock's "Almost on Broadway" and Rachnitzer Rejects' latest. The first does song parodies, taking popular music or, in this case, Broadway musicals, and giving them Jewish messages. We know the sister of the leader of the group. Funny how tastes change. We thought of them as hokey and silly the first time we heard them. Now we think they're wonderful.

RR are pure parody and fun.

I also purchased a little mincha-ma'ariv booklet, hoping I'll use it to say mincha, the afternoon service. It also has the grace after meals, so it's useful. And I got a slichot (penitential prayers) booklet, one designed for the first night. During the week before Rosh HaShanah (provided one is Ashkenaz. S'fardim have other customs), these prayers are said every morning. But I only go the first night, so Idon't need a full book of them. Just the pamphlet. Going midnight Saturday night.

Finally, I got a microfilm Sefer Raziel. This is a book that is totally unreadable. The pages are in the wrong order and no one knows the right one. However, it's a good luck charm against fire. The book itself. So, so long as it can't be read anyway, there's no reason to have a readable copy of it. Thus, microfilm. I'm giving it to my mother.

Then I had lunch, and got trout for dinner. Yum, trout. Then I went grocery shopping, mostly for Rosh HaShanah - I got a thirteen pound turkey and a medium sized french cut brisket, plus two gefilte fish loaves, one plain and one salmon, and a can of diced tomatoes, and a honey bear, and stuff for tonight's dinner. I arranged for everything to be delivered. And spent the rest of the day online.

Except for when the new receptionist called me for help inputing listings. Starting with, "How do I open IE?"