November 13th, 2003

Mama Deb

Quarterly checkup

I made my doctor happy today. :)

I see him every three months for an A1C test (blood sugar, the only one I take) and to get weighed and so on.

Weight is remaining steady at 200. This is a good thing, because I *know* I'm getting smaller. Which means that I'm getting more muscle. Yay!

And he took my blood pressure,and it's 135/82. Three months ago, it was 140/90.

He says he's so happy to see someone who is *improving*. I think he gets a lot of AIDS patients.

I also got a flu shot - my first ever - and a pneumonia vaccine. I didn't even know there was a pneumonia vaccine. I did have pneumonia five years ago, of the walking variety, and I may react to this vaccine. Right now, my arm does ache, but my arms always ache.