November 15th, 2003

Mama Deb

Minor gripe

Here's the thing. I love cats. I used to own one. But I've developed an allergy to them. It's not so severe that being around one will send me to an emergency room, but if I spend more than a few hours in the same house as one, I will begin to find it hard to breathe.

Zyrtec helps. A lot. And if I get ample warning, I will take the zyrtec and all will be well.

Tonight was the synagogue "New Members Tea". Since I've attended Eclecticon instead for the past two years, and I was home this year, I went.

And the woman hosting the event in her home apparently thought that all she needed to do was put the cat in a closed room in her tiny apartment. And there was absolutely no warning about the cat at all. Nor did she say she owned one. I spent the evening getting progressively less comfortable, although not at the point of having difficulties, and not knowing why. I only found out just before we left - and as soon as I did, I was out the door. Another hour there, and I'd have been wheezing. :(

Isn't it good manners to mention the presence of a pet just in case someone has allergies? If I'd known, I could have taken medication. All my fannish friends say when they have cats or dogs.