December 4th, 2003

Mama Deb

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As of today, I have a new Amex card, a new Visa card, a new debit card and, finally, a new driver's license. This last meant I had to go to the DMV, but it was surprisingly painless.

Making sure I had ID - my passport and my social security card (thank goodness, it wasn't in my wallet), I took the Q train to Atlantic Ave. It was a bit of a job getting out of the station, but when I did, I found myself less than a block away from the new headquarters. One elevator ride later, I was in the "information" line, where I was handed a form and a ticket with the number B383. I went to a writing shelf (just the right height to stand by) and filled it out and then sat down on one of the many benches to wait. I had a book but there wasn't really a need to read. Instead, I watched the people and the numbers. The numbers were flashed on several screens - letter prefices, then a three digit number, and the number of a teller window. These were also announced out loud ("Now serving G532 at window 23"). And another person would get up and go to a window. I believe the letter prefices have to do with the nature of the transaction - so teller 17 might only be doing license plate returns.

My number was called, I went to the teller with my form. She looked up my ID number and found my license, and offered me a chance to renew it now instead of next year. I took her up on the offer. She gave me a paper license and told me my picture ID would be coming in the mail in two weeks. And that was that. I can now legally drive a car again.