December 15th, 2003


Stupid people

A few months ago, I bought a deskpad for my desk at work. It's a neat two layer updatable calender - meant to be used with dry or wet erase markers.

Over the weekend, one of the people who share my desk updated it.

With a Sharpie.
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Mama Deb

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I said this on TWoP, and I'm going to say it here. Because I need to rant about something,and this is about as innocuous as it's going to get. :)

My biggest guilty pleasure is Survivor. The lastest season ended last night. For those of you who aren't following it, the twist this time (there is always a twist) was that the contestants were told to come to a gathering dressed for a photoshoot.

Except. They were kicked overboard instead. All they had were the clothes they were wearing - fancy dresses, or designer suits. High heels. They were given their sneakers, though, and money to buy supplies. None of them bought clothes, though. Just food and tools and such. At least one *sold* his clothes, so he had to spend his portion of the game wearing a pair of loose boxers. Until he thought to tie the elastic, they kept falling off.

One of the contestants is a scout master. She chose to go to the photo shoot in her scout uniform. So she wore it for most of the game. She came in second. She also didn't actually play extremely well, but she was not viewed as a threat so when she got back in the game (the other twist was that the first six people voted out got a chance to come back in, and she was one of the two that did), she just stayed. But she did play the game - making and breaking alliances, lying if necessary, if not well.

And the people on TWoP seem to think she was being a hypocrit for playing the game while *daring* to wear her uniform. Which was the only thing she had to wear until she managed to run up a skirt for herself on a sewing machine one of the tribes had won, using her buff as a top.

And if she hadn't played the game, they would have made fun of her for *not* playing...