December 31st, 2003

Mama Deb

(no subject)

See, I got yet another "active wear" catalog in the mail the other day.

This one does not cater to the big girls, so there was absolutely nothing in my size anyway, but.

Even if I could find my size, there was only a limited amount of things I could buy.

It hit me.

There needs to be a line of frum/modest exercisewear. Because you see these women walking/jogging/running down Ocean Parkway (imagine six lanes of roadway. Put a light on ever corner. Add a service road on either side. Separate the service roads with very long, skinny parks - benches, tables and chess tables and trees.) in denim and knit skirts and snoods or hats or even wigs. Sometimes pushing strollers. And then there are gyms and what I'm doing and there's a need.

What there needs to be are high necked bra tops and tanks, and tops with long or 3/4 length sleeves made of light but opague materials that wick away moisture. And necklines that cover the collar bone and hems that cover the hips.

Junonia, which is a company that specializes in large-sized active wear, sells bike shorts with attached skirts. These skirts are all way above the knee.

What we need are shorts or tights with attached skirts where the skirts are very full and light and opague and reach well below the knee. And have a zippered elastic pocket in the back.

And there needs to be hats designed for exercise - hats that look pretty and stay on and keep the head cool in the summer. Hats for women with long hair and with short hair and no hair. Hats that don't need to be tied. :)

And, you know. I'd bet there are a lot of women out there who would like exercise clothes like this (maybe not the hats :)). And not just us big girls, either.