March 7th, 2004

Mama Deb

Purim Wierdnesses

Right now, on my street, is a guy on a horse dressed up as Mordechai from the book of Esther, escorted by three police cars and a sound truck announcing he's collecting for a charity called "Yod Eliezar", followed by guys with garbage pails for the money.

I *love* my neighborhood.

And my friend Leah just came by to deliver gifts - dressed in Pakistani clothes. As her family is from Calcutta (there was a large Jewish population there once upon a time), it's very appropriate and very lovely on her.
Mama Deb

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So. Part of my suedah, festive meal, for today is lamb stew over couscous.

Except I bought my couscous at an Israeli store and the instructions are in *Hebrew* and Jonathan had disappeared. And I don't make it often enough to have the proportions memorized.

I love google. Plugged in "couscous measurements" and found what I wanted. 2.5 cups of water being boiled. Will add 1 2/3 cup couscous when it does.

Table is set, house is viewable. Guests due in 25 minutes. Stew is smelling incredible.
Mama Deb

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My seudah is made. My table is lovely. My guests have arrived.

And I am sitting here *alone*. Why? Because my husband recruited my brother to drive him to friend's houses to deliver mishloat manot packages, and our friend went with them (I like Z a lot, but I have reasons not to want to be alone with him. Even if he seemed to be flirting with my *brother*, which was *weird*.)

So. I'm sitting here alone. :)
Mama Deb

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Final post today (maybe):

The seudah was a success, if I do say so myself. The first course was completely storebought - Israel salad (diced tomatoes, onions and cucumbers in a lemon juice and olive oil dressing), babaganoush (puree'd smoked eggplant and garlic), garlic hommous and turkish salad (spicy tomato salad), with pita bread. The second was lamb stew over couscous - not too sweet and scented just right with cumin, and quite rich, and we ended it with cut fruit, also purchased. We had a lovely cabernet sauvignon that we'd discovered in Israel a couple years ago, and herbal tea at the end.

My brother and our guest had met before, so it was all very nice and relaxed, even when people popped up to give us mishloach manot. We managed to recycle a lot of the sweet stuff.