March 25th, 2004

Mama Deb

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Of the good:

I now have most of my Pesach non-perishables. All I need now are the liners for the fridge and oven shelves.

Of the not-so-good:

My vacuum cleaner sucks. And not in the way it should. I just replaced the belt, and cut off the accumulation of long hair around the bar. This is what happens with a household consisting of two long-haired people. Hair everywhere.

Right now, I'd shave both our heads.

Okay, not really.

So, I replace the belt, and then I find the cover won't stay on, as it's missing a screw, and the other one isn't working. Hmm. Maybe...

Well, anyway, the new belt melted right off. My house smells of burning rubber and the carpet isn't any cleaner.

There are supposedly nice hardwood floors under these carpets. *Sheesh*.

Of the less-good-but-still-necessary: I'm going to the dentist. I haven't been in years. This is because my old dentist's office in in Manhattan. This was fine when I didn't work. Now that I do, it makes life difficult. I'm way overdue for a cleaning (although I've been good about dental hygiene the past few months, and my teeth do show it.) But now one hurts. A lot.

So. I'm going to someone my husband knows from synagogue. It's a good a way as any. The appointment is at 5:45 tonight.

I hope he wears glasses so I can see what's going on. :)
Mama Deb

My trip to the dentist

E is a nice guy. He knows my husband, which helps. I got there a tad early, but that gave me time to fill out forms, which is what I figured I'd have to do. And he could do our insurance, so yay.

HIs first comment as I open my mouth in the chair? "Lots of schmutz there."

Which is true. See, I haven't been to a dentist in about three years now. And my Well, I'm better at it now. I've been brushing twice a day for *months* now. Really.

Right away, there were differences. He had a vcr and tapes - if I'd wanted I could have watched "Finding Nemo." And he had a selection of music and Torah tapes, too. And I didn't feel odd keeping my hat on. And then he took xrays. Only, he didn't use film. He used a digital device that processed the pictures right away and didn't cut into my mouth and wow.

So, I had a cavity. I had two. In one tooth. That had already been filled.

He used "painless" anesthetic that used small needle and didn't hurt and lasted just about enough time. And then he cleaned my lower teeth so now I have all this space between them. And I was out in about an hour, with a new toothbrush and toothpaste (to save for Passover) and a request to call him after Pesach for more work and a full cleaning.

The tooth hurts a bit, but I took advil and it's not *throbbing*. This tells me I probably won't need a root canal. Yay!