April 30th, 2004

Mama Deb

(no subject)

Today is new keyboard day. It wasn't supposed to be, but I had a coffee spill last night. The keyboard worked fine at first - even allowing me to edit my fic according to the words of wisdom of my brit-picker. But by this morning, I found that using the "a" key turned on (and off) caps lock. *Sigh*.

Current keyboard is a Logitech Access with all these bells and whistles we'll probably never use. It's also a zero tilt model, which might take some getting used to but feels rather comfortable right now. However, it was the plainest keyboard in all of Staples.

I asked about keyboard protectors while I was there, but they didn't have any. I'll look around on line, but if they don't make them for this keyboard or they cost more than this keyboard did - and keyboards are *cheap* - I won't bother.