May 19th, 2004


Preaching to the Converted

jonbaker has a Talmud class tonight. Okay, he has a Talmud class every night, in that he's part of the Daf Yomi, page a day, program, but on Tuesdays he goes to a longer class in Manhattan.

Anyway, since I have the night alone, I thought I'd go to this program on tzniut, modesty.

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Mama Deb

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Minor bits.

I have the pocketLJ thing on my Palm now. It works quite well. So I'll do running commentary on it as I observe the Holy Fannish Rite of Smallville and (sob)Angel, while the VCR in the bedroom watches West Wing and the final Lenny episode of L&O. This is for my husband who is attending a yeshiva dinner tonight.
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On my way home from work yesterday, a mother and son sat behind me on the bus. She spent most of the trip reading out loud to him, which normally I'd be thrilled with. It was Order of the Phoenix, which struck me as a tad advanced, but "Eli" isn't my kid, and, again. Good book.

But. She read badly - too fast and swallowing her words. I'm reading it now and I know it very well and I could hardly follow. But I had to follow because it was a book being read aloud. And then.

Then she called Sirius "Cyrus".

Boy is she going to feel silly when the movie comes out.

She did say Hermione's name correctly, though.
Mama Deb

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Arrgh. The president of our synagogue *had* to call right now. He just *had* to.

Doesn't he know about Angel? Sheesh.

*Glad I'm taping*.

Very glad I'm taping.