July 8th, 2004


chicken redux

Last night, I decided to roast a chicken for dinner. It was a simple enough recipe - I took a broiler, slid slices of lemon and red onion under the skin and roasted it, baking large red potatoes at the same time. I also microwaved some fresh green beans. Not only was dinner just *nice*, but we sat and talked and relaxed over it, which we don't do over a bowl of curry or stir fry.

I pretty much always serve chicken for Friday night, but there's a big difference between a chicken cut in eighths and left in a warm oven or served cold and a whole freshly cooked hot roast. This was NICE.

However, we only ate half the chicken, and we left one potato over.

So tonight, I diced the rest of the chicken, which was very lemony because I'd poured the chicken juices over it before I stored it away, and the potato. I added a couple stalks of celery, diced, and a handful of pecans, and some mayo, plus lemon pepper seasoning. I served it in green peppers - cut each one top to bottom and filled both halves with the salad. Very yum, very pretty and I think I might use it for a Shabbat lunch.